Mike Rosenthal: The Newest Photographer On The Scene!

It is pretty obvious that Mike Rosenthal is extremely talented, but not only is he talented in his ability to take a fantastic photo, but he possesses a talent to take some of the most radical photos in the world! I mean, are you all a fan of America’s Next Top Model? Well, I am, and when I saw some of the photos that Mike was producing, I definitely had to do a blog about him!

Not only does he have a point of view that comes straight through his very controversial photos, but he also has a way of capturing something that is so morbid and so beautiful at the same time.

Mike Rosenthal is definitely the newest up-and-comer this year and while he is featured in a whole bunch of episodes of America’s Next Top Model, he is booking all sorts of different campaigns and you should definitely be seeing more of his work!

Also, don’t forget to search for him – honestly, he has done some beautiful photos for ANTM and even if you aren’t a fan of the show, you definitely should be able to appreciate this guy’s talent.…

Check Out This Pet-Friendly Photographer, Mark Mcqueen!

Are you a pet-lover? Well, I am – I am a huge, huge pet lover and I have been waiting to see a photographer that can capture some of the best pictures in the world of dogs and cats – well, Mark Mcqueen is the best.

This is a photographer that truly knows exactly what he is doing and has been serving Fortune 100 companies for quite some time now.

You want to capture your picture in the best light ever then Mark Mcqueen is the photographer that you are going to want to book. Not only does he specialize in capturing pets on film but he does a bunch of other things as well.

You want a fantastic photographer for anything really but that specializes in pet photography, Mark Mcqueen is the best!…

Recreational Cannabis Legalization in Pa Remains Unsettled

Despite medical marijuana being legal in Pennsylvania for a couple of years now, talks about legalizing recreational marijuana still lead to nowhere. Initiatives have been set aside and people argue that there are better things to focus on.

But with so many in favor of fully legalizing it, it might stand a chance. Let’s take a look at the situation in the state.

Lawmakers’ Stands

It’s such a sensitive topic and the state’s lawmakers are divided. Some are open to the legalization while some are still doubtful the state can even handle such legalization.

For one, Gov. Thomas Wolf expressed that he thinks the state is not ready for the legalization. Even if he legalized medical marijuana back in 2016, recreational marijuana is a whole other story.

Last February, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman started his initiative of tours around the state, listening to the voices of residents. During this tour, he would hear out what these residents have to say about fully legalizing marijuana in the state.

With over 67 counties, the lawmakers vowed to visit each one of them. For the counties he’s visited, hundreds of residents who support the legalization show up and make their stand.

Even with this initiative, some Republican state representatives didn’t go to Lt. Gov. Fetterman’s in Franklin County. This was a solid stand that they were against its legalization and the tours being done.
Each of these lawmakers’ stands don’t necessarily affect the public opinion but it definitely affects the possibility of PA legalizing marijuana. For now, everybody’s just waiting on the final verdict.

Where Supporters Come From

For those who are for the legalization, they usually have their own success story or have at least heard one from patients. These success stories affect their opinion about the whole legalization and it’s definitely a wave taking over everybody.

One patient who’s now a director of Community Outreach has her own success story. Mary Werdebaugh used to suffer inflammatory bowel disease back in 2006. It was only when she switched to medical marijuana that she felt relief. After six months of usage, she was eventually cured and off on all the previous medications she was given.

Werdebaugh says that legalizing marijuana could lower the costs, which is greatly beneficial for payments. There’s no denying that while it’s effective for patients, it’s also quite expensive because of state regulations.
It’s not just Werdebaugh who feels that way but a lot of other people, too. The state currently only approved 21 conditions qualified for its medical marijuana program. This means that for those who don’t have any of the conditions, they’re not allowed to purchase marijuana at all.

Legalizing marijuana could also make it more accessible to people who can’t get their own medical marijuana cards. With it being legalized, they can freely purchase it to treat their pain.

The Opposition

Indeed, there are two sides to a coin. While supporters are celebrating the legalization of medical marijuana, the opposition are working harder to deter the full legalization of marijuana in PA.

Michael Geer, president of Pennsylvania Family Institute is definitely strong on his stand to find ways to be ahead of the game. Even if the chances are slim today, there could still be a possibility that it might just slip.

Geer has been strong on his efforts to gather people and convince them not to be too complacent. He states that with so many rising organizations that are pro-marijuana, they need to take their stands or it might just be game over.

As of the moment, the legalization is still very bleak but opponents are already too wary. In a blink of an eye, it could all change.

Medical Marijuana Program

While this program isn’t necessarily negatively affected by the non-legalization of recreational cannabis, more and more patients registered to the program.

Only 21 medical conditions are approved, including chronic pain and autism, but a lot of patients have sent their applications. The number is expected to increase over the years, if lawmakers plan to add more conditions.

According to the recent update last February 2019, about 116,000 patients have already registered to the program. 86,000 of those have their own cards that lets them purchase marijuana from any dispensary across the state.

The number of 420 doctors in Pennsylvania have also been constantly increasing. About 1,000 doctors all over the state have applied and been approved to become the ones who can certify patients.

The program has also generated over $2 million in Taxes from $132 million worth of gross sales. That number was from 600,000 marijuana transactions alone, which is quite big.

It’s still unclear on whether marijuana will be fully legalized in PA. What’s clear now is that the state lawmakers are divided and people are strong with their stands. It’s just a matter of time when these lawmakers make a vote and decide for the future of marijuana in the state.…

Steven Meisel: He Is Blowing Up The Photography Scene!

Steven Meisel is one of those photographers that you probably have never heard of … until now. At the tail end of ’08, this hot photographer has been heating up the scene and is booking all kind of new campaigns for ’09! He actually did this shot of Kate Winslet and I have to say that I approve!

Now I am extremely picky about my photographers, but I have to say that Steven has stepped up to a plate that I think he can fill! This Kate picture is actually the cover of the newest Vanity Fair and he is even covering such places like Louis Vuitton’s Spring Runway show and also a few Obsession ads as well as Prada’s latest men’s fragrance line.

Watch out for Steven Meisel, you will probably be seeing and hearing his name a whole lot more as 2009 rolls on, he is going to be one hot photographer this year!

Berenice Abbott: Her Work Is Amazing!

When it comes to photography, I really want to the picture to draw me into it, I want to feel like I am apart of that particular scene and that I am right there. Honestly, not that many photographers possess that for me, but Berenice Abbott definitely does and I am simply drawn to her photos in a way that I never expected to be! Berenice is an older photographer, starting her career in 1929 all the way to 1968 but I have to say, all of her photos look fresh to me!

Berenice was an independent photographer in New York and most of her pictures are honestly of New York itself way back then. I have to say, I love New York City. Granted, I have never been there, but I personally love everything about it – just the idea of this beautiful city being there and how Berenice portrays the city in her photos is absolutely amazing and I have to say, I am going to go to NYC now!

So if you have a chance, definitely check this amazing photographer out and you will not be disappointed. After all, look at the one photo I pulled – it is amazing!…

Milton GreenE: One Of The Best Photographers!

So honestly, I am a huge fan of the late Marilyn Monroe. I think that she was one of the most beautiful women in the world and while she did a lot of questionable things, I still think that she was absolutely breathtaking and certainly worth being captured by great photographers like Milton Greene. I believe that this man did wonders for Monroe and he certainly did her looks some good in this beautiful picture.

It is so rare to find a photographer that can not only capture his subject in a great looking pose but can also portray some emotion via the photograph. For example, in this picture, I think that it is absolutely filled with emotions and it is definitely one of the greatest looking pieces in the world!

More great photographers’ ahead people, stay tuned! The up and comers are coming up next!…

D L Ennis: One Of The Best Landscape Photographers!

When it comes to capturing the feeling of a landscape, I have to say that it is hard. Back in college, I took quite a few classes with photography and all we did was landscape photography and to capture the very essence of the landscape and finding the right angle can be extremely difficult. Fashion photography is all about making it look different and real. You have models, you can move them and you can definitely have a bit more flexibiliy.

When you are taking a picture of the landscape itself, you have to move yourself in order to find the best angle, you can not move the landscape. D.L Ennis is honestly one of the best landscape photographers in the world. Not only is this picture incredible, but it honestly captures the essence of the world around it and I just think that is very important when you are trying to take a picture of the landscape.

Landscape photography is also a great place to start learning photography as you will not have nearly as many distractions. So if you are looking to snap a few pictures, get out your camera and go outside and start snapping pictures!…