Berenice Abbott: Her Work Is Amazing!

When it comes to photography, I really want to the picture to draw me into it, I want to feel like I am apart of that particular scene and that I am right there. Honestly, not that many photographers possess that for me, but Berenice Abbott definitely does and I am simply drawn to her photos in a way that I never expected to be! Berenice is an older photographer, starting her career in 1929 all the way to 1968 but I have to say, all of her photos look fresh to me!

Berenice was an independent photographer in New York and most of her pictures are honestly of New York itself way back then. I have to say, I love New York City. Granted, I have never been there, but I personally love everything about it – just the idea of this beautiful city being there and how Berenice portrays the city in her photos is absolutely amazing and I have to say, I am going to go to NYC now!

So if you have a chance, definitely check this amazing photographer out and you will not be disappointed. After all, look at the one photo I pulled – it is amazing!

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