D L Ennis: One Of The Best Landscape Photographers!

When it comes to capturing the feeling of a landscape, I have to say that it is hard. Back in college, I took quite a few classes with photography and all we did was landscape photography and to capture the very essence of the landscape and finding the right angle can be extremely difficult. Fashion photography is all about making it look different and real. You have models, you can move them and you can definitely have a bit more flexibiliy.

When you are taking a picture of the landscape itself, you have to move yourself in order to find the best angle, you can not move the landscape. D.L Ennis is honestly one of the best landscape photographers in the world. Not only is this picture incredible, but it honestly captures the essence of the world around it and I just think that is very important when you are trying to take a picture of the landscape.

Landscape photography is also a great place to start learning photography as you will not have nearly as many distractions. So if you are looking to snap a few pictures, get out your camera and go outside and start snapping pictures!…