Mike Rosenthal: The Newest Photographer On The Scene!

It is pretty obvious that Mike Rosenthal is extremely talented, but not only is he talented in his ability to take a fantastic photo, but he possesses a talent to take some of the most radical photos in the world! I mean, are you all a fan of America’s Next Top Model? Well, I am, and when I saw some of the photos that Mike was producing, I definitely had to do a blog about him!

Not only does he have a point of view that comes straight through his very controversial photos, but he also has a way of capturing something that is so morbid and so beautiful at the same time.

Mike Rosenthal is definitely the newest up-and-comer this year and while he is featured in a whole bunch of episodes of America’s Next Top Model, he is booking all sorts of different campaigns and you should definitely be seeing more of his work!

Also, don’t forget to search for him – honestly, he has done some beautiful photos for ANTM and even if you aren’t a fan of the show, you definitely should be able to appreciate this guy’s talent.…

Check Out This Pet-Friendly Photographer, Mark Mcqueen!

Are you a pet-lover? Well, I am – I am a huge, huge pet lover and I have been waiting to see a photographer that can capture some of the best pictures in the world of dogs and cats – well, Mark Mcqueen is the best.

This is a photographer that truly knows exactly what he is doing and has been serving Fortune 100 companies for quite some time now.

You want to capture your picture in the best light ever then Mark Mcqueen is the photographer that you are going to want to book. Not only does he specialize in capturing pets on film but he does a bunch of other things as well.

You want a fantastic photographer for anything really but that specializes in pet photography, Mark Mcqueen is the best!…

Steven Meisel: He Is Blowing Up The Photography Scene!

Steven Meisel is one of those photographers that you probably have never heard of … until now. At the tail end of ’08, this hot photographer has been heating up the scene and is booking all kind of new campaigns for ’09! He actually did this shot of Kate Winslet and I have to say that I approve!

Now I am extremely picky about my photographers, but I have to say that Steven has stepped up to a plate that I think he can fill! This Kate picture is actually the cover of the newest Vanity Fair and he is even covering such places like Louis Vuitton’s Spring Runway show and also a few Obsession ads as well as Prada’s latest men’s fragrance line.

Watch out for Steven Meisel, you will probably be seeing and hearing his name a whole lot more as 2009 rolls on, he is going to be one hot photographer this year!